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Originating in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the project was started by a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and his wife. Darren and Krystal decided they were going to try to do something to help our service members and veterans by providing method to alleviate battle stress and trauma.


We here at Ride Therapy Project understand that not all wounds are visible.  There is something to be said about sitting on the seat of a motorcycle, pointing it down the road and twisting the throttle. Those who know the feeling know the therapeutic nature of the open road with the wind blowing your stress away.  

That is our goal! To give people the opportunity to find something that can help them heal.  To help veterans who have sacrificed so much find a way to move forward and get back to a life they love.

Our intent is to help veterans with disabilities get back on the road.

​Through donations from generous supporters we will purchase and customize a motorcycle or atv for veterans in need of Ride Therapy.   

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Krystal is the President of Ride therapy Project.  She has been around veterans her entire life.  Her Father and Grandfather served in the Navy and her Husband Served in the Army. She is dedicated to ensure that every Veteran feels they are appreciated and they are not alone.

Darren is the Vice President of Ride Therapy and founder.  Darren served in the US Army for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. After finding his outlet in riding motorcycles he decided he would do everything he can to help other veterans find the same.  Darren has dedicated his time and efforts in helping veterans

Kaylie is a Director of Ride Therapy Project.  She has always had a love for the military and married into the service, having served herself and her husband still serving in the Army National Guard. Working part time as a Military Family Assistance contractor, she's always advocating for Veterans.

How It Works

Our goal is to provide a veterans a positive way to help themselves and others.

How does the project work?

1.) A veteran is nominated and their names are placed in a pool of candidates.  As we raise funds we will begin to purchase either a Motorcycle or ATV to give to these candidates. If the operators are not licensed to operate a motorcycle or ATV, Ride Therapy Project will pay for the operator safety course and licensing.

However, if the veteran has a physical limitation and is unable to ride his/her motorcycle or ATV, then they would be considered for a custom modification so they will be able to ride again. 

2.) A network of Ride Therapists will be established accross the nation. These volunteers will be there to talk to veterans who may be having trouble with PTSD or Depression. 

3.) Through donations and volunteers we would like to provide a veteran with Riders safety courses to give them the tools they will need to hit the open road. 



*Ride Therapists are not licensed Therapists or Mental Health Professionals. They are volunteer only.